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Tired of not feeling your best? Stop treating the symptom, and let us help you get to the root of your health challenge. 

Here at A Lebro Center for Well Being, we offer a one-stop shop for holistic health and functional medicine to achieve optimal well being. Through transformational nutrition counseling, whole food supplements, and chiropractic care, we take a “whole person” approach to helping our patients address the underlying cause of their health concerns, relieve pain or discomfort, and significantly improve their quality of life.

Visiting A Lebro Center is different from what you may have experienced before, in that we really get to know and understand each and every patient under our care. With Nutritional Response Testing, paired with extensive knowledge and experience, we quickly get to the root of any health issue, as opposed to just treating symptoms. We’ve helped numerous people who have gone to many doctors and specialists, yet are still suffering from the same unknown cause. 


In addition to chiropractic and nutritional counseling services, our team associates offer massage therapy, emotional code, personal training, and meal planning.


Call us at 207-439-7246 to book your first appointment with us today!