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Hear what people are saying about  Dr. Lebro & 

A Lebro Center for Well Being...

"How does one summarize 24 years of an amazing journey into wellness with Dr. Lebro? As a nurse working in a traditional medical setting, I have experienced a phenomenal transformation in my own philosophy of health and wellness..."


Curious about Dr. Lebro and Functional Medicine?

At A Lebro Center for Well Being, we treat the body as a whole and recognize there are multiple facets to optimal well being.  

With this, we focus on the body spiritually, mentally, and physically.  When all components are in harmony, you function at your best...

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Enjoy the Benefits Without the Risk

for Optimal Health

A book by Nation Wide Author,

The Modern Day Medicine Man, Dr. Richard "Tony" Lebro

"This book was written for doctors and patients.  

It is intended to provide education about the journey towards health in a non-tradtional way.  

We firmly believe one should "Enjoy the Benefits Without the Risk" at A Lebro Center for Well Being."

You can find Dr. Tony's book on Amazon,

at Water Street Book Store in Exeter, NH, and our online shop!

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