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Peter Scott Stringham 

Emotion Code


Scott Stringham is a certified practitioner of a
form of energy work called The Emotion Code,
where the different imbalances that cause all
kinds of physical and emotional problems for
people are identified and removed
permanently. Trapped emotional energies
(emotional baggage), blocked chakras and
energy meridians are aligned, leaving the body
refreshed and energized. There is a physical
side as well (The Body Code) where the
underlying causes of things like infections,
toxins, inflammation, body pH imbalance,
nutritional deficiencies and structural
imbalances are identified. Basically, this work
is all about removing imbalance in order to
make conditions right for the body to heal itself.
The Body Code also works well clearing blocks
to your prosperity. Wealth in all its many forms
can be attracted to you as you receive Body
Code sessions.

We are pleased to announce that Scott is now
fully certified in the Body Code technique of
improving your health, well being and

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