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Sherryl Comeau 

Emotion Code & Body Code


Sherryl Comeau is our resident Energy Practitioner out of our Plaistow office.  She’s a seasoned practitioner offering Holistic Services to communities since 1998.  Sherryl’s services now include;  The Emotion Code and Body Code. This is a form of muscle testing similar to Kinesiology using magnets.  It’s tapping into the subconscious of any person or animal. She checks for a "Heart Wall", it’s a large piece of a puzzle, 93% of people have one.  When releasing a Heart Wall, it will release somewhere between 8 & 12 layers of trapped emotion at a time, as the body becomes too tired releasing more.  The body can take up to 3 days to go thru the process as it adjusts after releasing trapped energy.   This work also offers the release of “Inherited” trapped emotions! That’s emotional energy from our ancestors not our own and can also be released!

This emotional energy can sometimes become trapped and needs help to be released.  Trapped emotion energy will also cause physical pain in the body.  Trapped Emotions are usually under the skin surface immune to magnetic releasing, until one goes through the “process” of identifying it with a Flow Chart and locating Organs that are disrupted.  It brings this energy to the surface of the physical body and releases.

Sherryl has also released her latest book "A Change in Perception." It is available on Amazon here.


Sherryl Comeau
Energy Practitioner

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