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D'Adamo Blood Typing Kit

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This easy-to-use home test kit is complete with everything you need to test the blood type of one person. This kit will determine both ABO and Rh type. The ABO System classifies blood into four possible types: A, AB, B and O. The Rhesus System is the plus or minus sign that comes after the letter, e.g. A+ or A-. Each test kit will type one person. FDA-approved for educational use. Results can be read within 2 minutes.

NOTE: The test is not for medical use, such as the determination of transfusion.


  • 1 (one) Eldoncard 2511 in air and moisture proof envelope
  • 4 (four) Eldon Sticks
  • 1 (one) Skin Cleansing Swab (70% lsopropyl-Alcohol)
  • 1 (one) Automatic Lancet
  • 1 (one) water dropper
  • 1 (one) Instruction Sheet
  • For in Vitro Diagnostic Use
  • Not for Bed-Side Testing.
  • Perform test at room temperature.
  • Avoid physical damage, and the agglutination patterns will remain indefinitely.

Will detect all subgroups of A, B and AB Blood. Will detect complete Rhesus (D) antigens. Some variants and weak Rhesus antigens will NOT be detected. Monoclonal antibodies used in the preparation of Eldoncards® are tested for Avidity, Potency, and Specificity against WHO Standards.

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