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A Surprising Cause of Parasites and How to Avoid it

Abdominal pain, rashes, fatigue, bloating, Itchy ears and butt: all symptoms of parasites.

We treat parasites often here at A Lebro Center for Well Being, and if you recognize some of these symptoms, you can make a nutrition appointment with Dr. Lebro to confirm. He will quickly identify if parasites are in fact causing your symptoms, or if it might be something else.

In this video, Dr. Lebro explains one surprising cause of parasites that many people aren’t aware of!

Think you may possibly have parasites? Contact us today to make an in-person or virtual nutrition appointment with Dr. Lebro!

Currently on a treatment plan for parasites? Don’t miss our gut cleanse bundle, on sale for the month of August! Call the office at 207-439-7246 or email to order.

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