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How to Reduce Your Stress This Back to School Season

Fall is in the air, and back to school season is upon us! While this can be an exciting time, it can also be a very busy and stressful time. Managing new schedules, new activities and new projects can all lead to increased anxiety and overwhelm.

Our favorite tool for handling stress here at A Lebro Center is Holy Basil. It's made by Gaia Herbs, which uses dual extraction technology to deliver the broad spectrum of herbal constituents within Holy Basil leaf.

Not only does it support a healthy response to stress‚ but it also increases energy, nourishes the mind and elevates the spirit.

Here's Dr. Lebro explaining why we. love this product, and what makes it unique!

Struggling with stress and anxiety? Contact us today to make an in-person or virtual nutrition appointment with Dr. Lebro.

And if you want to order Holy Basil, you're in luck. It's on sale for the month of September for a special price of $28 ($35.99 value)! Call the office at 207-439-7246 or email to order.

You can also order Holy Basil online anytime through our Fullscript store here (note the September sale price does not apply for online orders).

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