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Dr. Richard Anthony Lebro is a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and medical intuitive specializing in functional medicine, who serves Kittery and the surrounding communities in the beautiful states of Maine, New Hampshire, and beyond...
Hannah is the Office Coordinator at A Lebro Center for Well Being. She has been with Dr. Lebro for over four years now, however, she has known him since she was five years old. Influenced by his presence and wisdom growing up, she pursued a degree in Nutrition and Wellness from the University of New Hampshire...
Jen has been a massage therapist at A Lebro Center since the fall of 2004. She specializes in giving effective deep tissue yet relaxing massages. Combining such effective therapeutic and relaxing techniques, harmony is created within her clients...
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Meal Planning/Prepping Expert,
& Owner of Meal Prep Chef, NH

I create completely customized recipes and meal plans to fit your unique dietary and lifestyle needs.

After one session with me, I will have all of the information I need to create a Customized Recipe Book and/or a Meal Planning Package designed specifically for YOU.
Lili has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2010, and has been at A Lebro Center for Well Being since 2014. She incorporates techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, advanced stretching, hot stones and bamboo to tailor each treatment to an individual's needs...
Bridgit offers gentle, effective acupuncture in a peaceful environment to heal your body, mind and spirit. Bridgit has a Master of Acupuncture in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture from the New England school of Acupuncture in Massachusetts...
Sherryl Comeau is our resident Sound Practitioner out of our Plaistow office. She has been offering Holistic Services to communities since 1998. Sherryl’s services include: Reiki, Melchizedek/Metatronic Lineage, Biofield Balancing with Tuning Forks and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Gatherings, and a Clearing Medium disconnecting low vibration energy from an individual or structure...
Scott Stringham is a certified practitioner of a
form of energy work called The Emotion Code,
where the different imbalances that cause all
kinds of physical and emotional problems for
people are identified and removed
permanently. Trapped emotional energies
(emotional baggage), blocked chakras and
energy meridians are aligned, leaving the body
refreshed and energized. There is a physical
side as well (The Body Code) where the
underlying causes of things like infections,
toxins, inflammation, bo
Isabel Wilson Soto is a certified NRT practitioner by Ulan Nutritional Systems in Florida. She is mentoring and apprenticing under Dr. Lebro! Isa’s goal is to optimize the health of each individual; opening their awareness to the endless benefits of healthful vitality.
Jake is a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He has dedicated his career to his passion of helping others achieve optimal levels of health, movement, and performance. Jake specializes in corrective exercise and holistic health and believes that true optimal health comes from taking care of oneself in all areas of our lives ie; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
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